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Please Note: Unfortunately the UKLP organisation has ended, there is no longer a committee or any meetings held. The site still has useful information for people struggling with LP so for that reason the website and forum will stay open as long as possible, you may still register, read old posts and make new ones but it will take a while before you receive a reply as the forum does not get used very much. 


UK Lichen Planus (UKLP) was set up by Bridie Nelson in November 2007 to fill the gap in support for those living with the disease Lichen Planus (LP).  This charitable organisation is run by four volunteers comprising of: ChairpersonTreasurerWebsite Manager and Forum Manager.  We are currently looking for a skilled Secretary to join the team, to help keep us in order!

The group is open to members worldwide, however treatments discussed are based on those used in the UK.

UKLP is run by those living with LP for those living with LP. We understand only too well the isolation and fear of living with a disease your family and friends have probably never heard of. So we are able to offer support and true understanding of what it feels like to be newly diagnosed with this disease as well as offering practical tips and ideas on how to cope day to day.

LP affects life on so many levels, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, work, travel, and most importantly the impact it can have on intimate relationships. It can be very lonely to have a disease that makes you feel so different to other ‘normal’ people. So to have a place where everyone is experiencing the same issues really helps and it makes it easier to find ways of adapting and changing with the condition.

On this site, you will find up to date information, written with the approval of our Patrons, each experts in the field of LP.

We aim to build a strong network of support both on the internet and face to face. We hold a very popular workshop with appropriate guest speakers and we encourage informal networking wherever possible.

Honorary members of the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease